• Sanitation and Biosafety

    The Sanitation and Biosafety Unit is responsible for helping the university achieve and maintain a healthful and safe environment and ensure compliance with the local and international regulations and standards pertaining to Sanitation and Biosafety, through controlling and implementing food safety, pest control, water quality, waste management, microbiological and biomedical lab safety.


    Services Offered:

    - Food Safety Audit and Facility Inspection

    - Biological Safety Cabinets Testing and Recertification

    - N95 Respirator Fit Testing

    - In-place HEPA Filters Testing

    - Biological Laboratory Facility Design Review and Inspection

    - Research Proposal Review


    Trainings Offered:

    - BSL3 Laboratory Training

    - Basics of Biosafety and Lab Practices

    - Blood Borne Pathogens

    - Effective Use of Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

    - Hazardous Waste Management

    - Universal Precautions

    - Sharps Safety

    - Biohazardous Material Handling and Emergency Response