Emergency Response

Emergency Response Team

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) was established around July 2000 to deal with all the emergencies; pending the arrival of Beirut Fire Brigade / Civil Defense / Lebanese emergency response teams. It is comprised of 29 individuals from various departments on Campus and at the Medical Center.

The team is able to provide first and basic response to fires, releases of hazardous and toxic materials such as chemical, biological and radioactive spills, and the provision of basic rescue services. Emergency drills are scheduled to practice and coordinate emergency response with local agencies in Beirut and Lebanon. The team was trained by a variety of professionals according to a pre-set program and still receives periodical training to ensure they remain ready at all times.

The team is managed and reports to the Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management (EHSRM) Director and can be reached by either calling EHSRM office at Ext: 2360 (during working hours), or the Protection Office at Ext: 2400 for general emergencies (at all times), or by calling Ext: 5555 for fire emergencies.

ERT works closely with AUB Protection Office, Physical Plant, Plant Engineering, and other departments in responding to emergencies.