• Occupational Safety

    The Occupational Safety Unit is in charge of developing, implementing, and maintaining the Medical Center's Occupational Safety programs, it provides the framework in which to manage non-clinical safety issues and implements Safety Regulations. The unit ensures that AUBMC operations comply with AUBMC Safety Plans and the requirements prescribed by the Joint Commission International (JCI).


    Services Offered:


    • Developing, reviewing, and implementing AUBMC safety policies, systems, and procedures.
    • Conducting different types of facility surveys, investigating observed hazard and preparing reports on findings identifying risks, violations, recommendations, and plan of action.
    • Participating in the PLM safety program to ensure compliance with Certified American Pathologist (CAP) requirements.
    • Investigating non patient related incidents and facility related safety incidents.
    • Monitoring and controling the handling, collection and disposal of chemicals, hazardous drugs and chemical waste.
    • Working collaboratively with the Quality Department to implement new standards.
    • Participating in accreditation surveys and provides direct feedback for inquiries related to compliance with the Facility Management and Safety plans.
    • Developing training material and methods related to relevant safety plans.
    • Preparing and conducting AUBMC drills and responding to emergencies.
    • Participating in expansion and renovation projects to ensure compliance with all code requirements.