AUB is committed to protecting the environment and strives to minimize the adverse environmental impacts of its generated waste by conducting its activities and operations with the best environmental practices.  For this reason, AUB has put in place a recycling program to collect recyclables and agreed with Arcenciel, a local NGO, to collect them for further processing.  The recycling program includes:

  • The Red and Blue Recycling Program whereby more than seven hundred red and blue recycling bins were distributed in all campus buildings to collect recyclables. The red bins are designated for the collection of plastic, metal and glass whereas the blue bins are designated for the collection of paper and cardboard. 
  • The Boomerang Reverse Vending Machines whereby 17 machines were distributed across campus for the recycling of plastic bottles and soft drinks cans.  This system provides points for every recycled plastic bottle and two points for each can which can then be accumulated and redeemed against a valuable gift from a gifts' catalogue. 

Moreover, AUB is embarking on several sustainable initiatives for waste management including green waste composting, food waste composting, recycling of fluorescent bulbs and the safe collection and disposal of batteries.