Risk Management

The Risk Management Unit is in charge of developing, implementing, coordinating and overseeing AUB Risk Management program, through performing many activities including the following:

  • Managing the incident reporting program.
  • Providing training to staff on incident reporting.
  • Recommending strategies for incident prevention and loss control program. 
  • Working with departments to implement loss prevention and safety programs, other mechanisms of risk avoidance, or ways in which risk can be eliminated, minimized or transferred to other parties.
  • Reviewing and approving public events and student activities that may involve hazardous activities. 
  • Reviewing policies, procedures, contracts, and projects where risk is involved.
  • Attending to accreditation requirements such as JCI and MOPH.


Incident Reporting

All health and safety incidents that occur in the University must be reported. This include incidents that might occur with all peoples involved with AUB such as faculty members, full time staff, students, casual workers, visitors and others.  The process of incident reporting applies to all types of incidents be it personal injury, property damage, fires, spills, floods, near misses or others in accordance to the Incident Reporting Policy.

To fill in an incident report, use the Incident Reporting Online Form.

For any additional information, please contact EHSRM on extensions: 2360/2379.