American University of Beirut




    ​I - Medical Center - Phase (1)‎ ‎‎

    ER- Signage System
    Renovation of the Emergency Unit

    II - Medical ​​Center - Phase (2) 

    Renovation of 4th Floor-Abou Haidar Neuroscience
    Renovation of 7th Floor-NICU
    Renovation of 8th Floor- Basile Adult Cancer Center

    III - Building 23 - Pierre Y. Abou Khater (Fahed) Medical Arts Building 

    Building 23- Intenal Signage System
    Building 23- Neurology Pediatrics Private Clinic-Children's Unit
    Building 23- Dermatolgy Department- Conference Room
    Building 23- Hamdan Voice Unit- 2nd Floor

    IV - Build​​ing 56 

    Building 56- Internal Signage System
    Building 56- Lower garden

    V  - Facu​lty Apartment N'1 

    Demolition of Faculty I Building

    VI - Rafik Har​​iri School Of Nursing (SON)

    Rafic Hariri School of Nursing
    SON- Internal Signage System

    VII - Diana Tamari Sabbagh Building (DTS)

    DTS Cell Culture Lab 

    VIII - AUH M​​edian Separator in Cairo Street 

    AUH Median Separator in Cairo Street 

    IX - Issam F​ares Lecture Hall 

    Mamdouha El-Sayed Bobst Breast Unit

    X - AUB​MC Adm​i​nistrative Building

    AUBMC Administrative Building​​​

    ​​ XI - MD Cafe ​

    Design Phase

    I - Medical Center - Phase (2)

    Academic and Clinical Center (ACC)

    Construction Phase

    ​​I - Medic​​​al Center - Phase (2)


    II - Building 2​​3 - Pierre Y. Abou Khater (Fahed) Medical Arts Building 

    III - Saab M​edical Library (SML)

    IV - AUBMC Ad​ministrative Building

    V - Diana Ta​mari Sabbagh Building (DTS)

    Decanting Facilities for DTS & ENG Labs                           

    VI - Faculty ​Apartment N'1             

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