AUBMC Lobbies Upgrade

AUBMC Main Lobby in Phase II building and OPD Lobby in Phase I building are being upgraded in a total face lift including renovation, refurbishment, and redesign to reflect the new and modern image of the leading Medical Center. Behind a new grand canopy at the entrance, the upgrading of the main lobby will include the addition of a public coffee shop at the first floor at one end, and the introduction, at the other end, of a grand open staircase leading to the second floor overlooking the double volume of the lobby from a small coffee bar/terrace and a gift shop. The upgrading of the OPD lobby which was lately renovated will include refurbishment of finishes and redesign of the entrance ramp. NTD Architecture was commissioned to work on the project design. The project is in Construction Phase. Construction will be performed in two phases in order to maintain the entrances to the AUBMC partially operational. Project started by February 2012 and was completed in July 2013.‚Äč