American Univesity of Beirut

AUB Role in the Project

  1. ​Review the leading EU HEIs programs and conduct 3 stakeholders' surveys and analyze them together with the other PC HEIs.
  2.  Organize capacity building seminars together with the KBS (WP leader), assist in staff capacity gap analysis and selection of the teaching and technical and administrative staff for the training seminars
  3.  Leading the development of the new joint master program in GLOB-SM – defining principles and curriculum models for joint MS program; follow up the designing, approval and accreditation of the new curriculum and courses at AUB and other PC HEIs; purchase of equipment and software and assisting the set up of ICT labs and e-learning platform and follow up the implementation in the PC HEIs.
  4. Coordinate the implementation of the GLOB-SM master' program in the PC HEIs. Arrange the visit of 10 EU professors for 1 week face-to-face teaching; monitoring of the first generation of students; select 8 top students (2 from each PC HEI) for a study visit (thesis work) at the EU HEIs; coordinate the analysis of students' feedback
  5. Leading the monitoring and quality assurance activity: development of quality monitoring and assurance manual, supporting of internal and external independent evaluators in the monitoring activities, collaborating to the elaboration of the Monitoring and Quality Assurance Report.
  6. Assisting in the development of communication and exploitation plan and the design of Logo and the GLOB-SM official website, promoting GLOB-SM program, assisting the signing of MoU between HEIs and stakeholders and organization of the Final Conference, and developing and elaboration of the sustainability plan.
  7. As a Leader managing all project activities, assuring the achievement of GLOB-SM objectives and the delivery of reports and cost statements, keep in contact and negotiate with the EU. 


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