Laboratory Services

​​​​​​​FAFS laboratories have a supportive role in promoting practical teaching, research and services to community. In line with the mission and vision of the faculty, laboratories at FAFS aim to provide hands-on agricultural experience and constitute a suitable background for scientists and students to implement proper lab diagnostics and assessment techniques.

FAFS labs record of excell​ence has positioned them to rank among the top institutions in Lebanon and the region across multiple disciplines of sustainable plant and animal health and production, human nutrition and dietetics, Food safety and security, landscape design, environment, community and rural development and others. FAFS labs provide state-of-the-art laboratory support to further broaden the collaboration with the industry, public and private sector in order to improve the wellbeing of people in Lebanon and the region, educate future scientists through hands-on experience, and address emerging problems facing agriculture and food in Lebanon and the region, as well as satisfy the needs to tackle novel research issues imposed by recent challenges such as global warming, water scarcity, emergence of zoonoses and species-specific infections, etc.​​​​