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Sydney Peace Prize 2021, Sydney Peace Foundation

Aims to inspire and empower people from all walks of life to make peace with justice a reality. Australia's only international prize for peace to recognise leading global peacemakers is awarded to an individual or organisation.

Award: AUD 50,000
Deadline: Jun 30, 2020

Volvo Environment Prize 2020 to Promote Scientific Research & Innovations

Honoring outstanding innovations or scientific discoveries, which in broad terms fall within the environmental fields.
The Prize is awarded by an independent foundation, instituted in 1988. A Scientific Committee does the initial screening and evaluation of candidates. The International Prize Jury, a group of internationally renowned scientists, makes the final selection of laureate or laureates.
Award: SEK 1,500,000
Deadline: Jan 10, 2020.

Future Conservationist Award, 2020
Funding will support early-career conservationists to conduct scientific research, encourage and promote pro-conservation attitudes and deliver tangible results to better conserve and manage the natural world.
Award: USD 15,000
Deadline: Nov 24, 2019.

iF Social Impact Prize 2019
Aims to publish and support projects that contribute to solving the most urgent challenges of our society. Categories include: healthy lives, quality education, gender equality, water and sanitation, clean energy, economic growth, resilient infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, sustainable consumption, climate action, life below water, life on land.
Award: a share of EUR 50,000
Deadline: Nov 20, 2019.

Stockholm Water Prize 2020 honoring Organizations for the Protection of World's Water Resources
Recognizing women, men and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the sustainable use and protection of the world's water resources. A candidate for prize shall have attained outstanding achievements of lasting significance for sustainable use and protection of the world's water resources. The results achieved by the candidate shall have proven impact or great potential and provide stimulation for further important contributions to the conservation and protection of water resources and to improved health and well-being of the planet's inhabitants and ecosystems.
Deadline: Sep 30, 2019.

Stop Slavery Award, Thomson Reuters Foundation
Stop Slavery Collaboration Award: Open to organisations working through impactful partnerships to fight modern slavery and human trafficking.
Stop Slavery Impact Award: Open to organisations who have had success achieving policy or legislation change, resulting in positive impact in the fight to eradicate slavery.
Stop Slavery Hero Award: Open to grass roots organisations who have had a significant impact in the fight to eradicate slavery – whether on the front lines, or on a global scale.
Stop Slavery Innovation Award: Open to organisations who can demonstrate an innovative approach in the fight to eradicate slavery – whether on the front lines, or on a global scale.
Stop Slavery Campaigns Award: Open to organisations who have run impactful campaigns to raise awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking.
Deadline: Sep 30, 2019.

2020 Future for Nature Award
International award that celebrates tangible achievements in protecting wild animal and plant species. The Award provides the winners international recognition, financial support and reinforced linkages to an international conservation network. Each year 3 young, talented, and ambitious nature conservationists are awarded.
Award: EUR 50,000
Deadline: Sep 15, 2019.

Land of Women Award, Yves Rocher Foundation
Aimed at adult women who carry on a project for the environment using a not-for-profit structure or a structure having a business purpose but for a social and environmental project or in an individual way. Their work must be actively in progress and must have led to concrete results.
Award: Three local prizes are awarded each year. First prize, EUR 10,000; second prize EUR 5,000; third prize EUR 3,000. Additional prize of EUR 10,000 is awarded as the Grand Prize.
Deadline: Sep 12, 2019.

2019 Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards for Grassroots & Women-led Organizations
Showcasing real solutions for a more just, equal and healthy planet. Winning initiatives are showcased across three categories:
Technical climate solutions with a women or gender perspective (e.g. in area of renewables, energy or adaptation technologies etc.)
Non-technical climate solutions with a women or gender perspective (e.g. in area of efficiency, consumption changes, resilience and capacity building etc.)
Transformational climate initiatives with a women or gender perspective (e.g. addressing governance, institutional/societal change etc.)
Deadline: Sep 9, 2019.​

World Smart City Awards 2019, Smart City Expo World Congress
Identifying cities, projects and innovative ideas promoting sustainable urban development around the globe and are one of the key activities at the event. These internationally acclaimed awards aim to recognize, promote and support pioneering city strategies, projects and ideas that can potentially change citizen's lives through their outstanding innovation and impact.
Deadline: Sep 4, 2019.

Ginetta Sagan Award 2019
Recognizing and assisting women who are working to protect the liberty and lives of women and children in areas where human rights violations are widespread.
Award: USD 20,000
Deadline: Sept 2, 2019.

3rd Human Rights Youth Challenge, OHCHR
Invites youth aged between 24 and 32 years to submit a 2000-word essay on “private sector participation in the water and sanitation sector: a human rights perspective." Is an opportunity for applicants to show their knowledge, understanding and passion about human rights, water and sanitation by creating original content.
Award: The UN Special Rapporteur will invite the winner to join him during an expert consultation.
Deadline: Sep 2, 2019.

#InnovateToINSPIRE 2019

Honoring sustainable and scalable solutions to five specific challenges - Improved Grid Management System, Energy Efficient Technologies, Innovation in the space of clean energy, Innovation in the domain of E-Mobility and Financial Instruments to support & sustain Energy Efficiency innovations.
Deadline: Aug 31, 2019.

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