About AGRI

The Department of Agriculture (AGRI) is a recognized center of academic excellence in learning, discovery, application and dissemination of knowledge and technology on agricultural aspects of current and emerging issues related to local, regional, and global food issues. The department provides opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve excellence in the agricultural and agribusiness sciences, through experiential learning, and scholarly, creative and effective research and outreach activities.

Our faculty members lead the nation in cutting edge research on animal and poultry science, agricultural economics, soil and irrigation, plant production and health and provide outstanding training and outreach activities. Our students enjoy a multidisciplinary education with experiential learning at the center of our teaching approach on campus and at the Advancing Research and Enabling Communities Center in the Beqa’a.​


Research Focus

The direction of the faculty’s research agenda is focused on the linking of Water-Energy-Food (WEF) nexus approaches to s​ustainable livelihoods and critical agrarian theory. The applied science perspective incorporates WEF-inspired methodology into outreach and education objectives which faculty train students to formulate in a contextual ma​nner; local and regional.



Our vision combines social responsibility, independent knowledge base, and a move from quantitative sociology and political science to grassroots understanding and state of the art extension. FAFS is a mediator between the farmer and the latest trends in agricultural research and modernization. Our vision is focused on machinery and advancements in farming techniques on one hand, and the non-profit benefit of rural areas and promotion of sustainable livelihoods on the other. ​