The Department of Agriculture sponsors the student-based competition "AANA Prizes" in partnership with stakeholders,​ challenging the student body to come up with innovative methods to current issues. The department is also the recipient of the Milano Expo's 2015 Feeding Knowledge Award given for​ the best sustainable practices on food security.


Sponsored Awards: AANA Prize

The Aana Prizes in Agribusiness recognize outstanding achievement by  AGBU students at the American University of Beirut in the areas of benefit to community and innovation. Students participate in through their senior-level capstone course, and prepare a business plan for an agri-food product or service that goes beyond simply financial objectives. Winning teams receive a cash award, and all participating students have a chance to display and promote their business ideas. Aana Prize was established in 2014 to encourage and enable students to launch careers in the agribusiness field following their studies.

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Awards Won: Feeding Knowledge, Best Sustainable Practice

​The Award for Best Sustainable Development Practice was bestowed on the Department of Agriculture for its project on introducing Conservation Agriculture to Lebanon, during Expo Milano 2015.

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