Graduate Programs

​​​​​​​The graduate study program leading to the MS degree with a thesis or non-thesis option is offered with a specialization in the following areas: agricultural economics, animal science, irrigation, plant science, plant protection, and poultry science, preparing them for a productive career in agricultural technology, natural resources management, and agribusiness. In addition, the department is especially qualified and equipped for graduate study and research in the following areas:  nutrition of livestock and poultry, diseases of livestock and poultry, including preventive immunology and the epizootiology of diseases, production of milk, meat, ​and eggs as related to breeding and feeding.

The graduates will then be capable of serving mainly in Lebanon, the Middle East, and/or other regions in the world. Graduate students in the department may beco​me candidates for a degree in the interfaculty program in nutrition by meeting the relevant requirements.

All AGSC graduate courses are electives to all majors upon the approval of the adviser.

The department offers several MS degrees in the following specialties: