Analysis and Refinement of Targeting Mechanisms for Food and Multipurpose Cash Assistance to Central African Republic Refugees in Cameroon


UNHCR Cameroun  to work on a project targeting refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR). Approximately, 260,000 Central African Republic  (CAR) refugees have settled in Cameroon since 2003 due to the continued conflict in their home country. In light of the reduction in funding for CAR refugees, humanitarian organizations have been struggling to maintain the same level of assistance. It has become therefore crucial to switch from a blanket assistance approach to a more targeted one by identifying a reduced group of potential beneficiaries based on their level of vulnerability and their inability to afford and consume the minimum resources necessary for their long-term physical well-being.


This project aims to build on the already established WFP/UNHCR vulnerability targeting mechanism and expand the analysis to move to a basic needs targeting approach. The approach will construct economic vulnerability and food insecurity of households and identify some of their observable correlates using representative survey data. The correlates identified will be used for the development of a targeting mechanism for the distribution of food assistance, given the funding shortages faced.

  • Partners: UNHCR Cameroon
  • PI:Nisreen Salti
  • Co-PI: Jad Chaaban, Hala Ghattas
  • Project Manager: Alexandra Irani​

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