Applied Economics and Development Research Group



The AUB Applied Economics and Development Research Group (AUB-AED) strives to enhance the wellbeing of people of Lebanon and the Middle East by:

  • ​Being the first university-based research group of its kind in the region which provides cutting edge independent and interdisciplinary socio-economic knowledge in support of regional development;
  • ​Communicating high quality research findings to the public d​omain in order to stimulate informed national and regional debates on economic and social development priorities;  
  • Assisting policymakers and other stakeholders to make better informed decisions so that development objectives are effectively achieved.


In pursuing this vision, the AUB-AED's mission is to:

  • ​Undertake high qual​ity applied research on key socio-economic issues that primarily affect the lives of various groups in society, with a focus on Lebanon and the Middle-East;
  • Conduct research, publications, surveys and other research products in collaboration with governments, international development agencies, researchers, students, businesses and community groups;
  • Build linkages among academic institutions and professionals concerned with economic policy issues in Lebanon and the region. ​