The Macroeconomics of Non-Communicable diseases in the Middle-Eastern and North African Countries


General Objective:

To contribute state-of-the-art reviews and synthesis on the economics of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in low and middle income countries, and provide strategic advice to the Food, Environment and Health Program of IDRC on relevant support strategies required to strengthen innovative, cutting-edge economic analyses for NCD prevention research.

Objectives & Deliverables:

This project aims to synthize existing work to build the case for more investments in prevention strategies, and contribute new analyses of research gaps and needs in the field. It contributes to the development of FEH's networks of researchers in applied economics and related fields. This includes targeting researchers in universities with a focus on MENA region; international development agencies (Word Bank, UN System…) and other independent research institutes (Economic Research Forum, World Economic Forum, etc.). The development of a data platforms to facilitate cross-national and cross-temporal comparative research is also planned. This online repository will serve as a tool to gather and disseminate various types of data made available related to the economics of NCDs, including various national and global datasets and related studies. 

  • Partners: IDRC
  • PI: Jad Chaaban
  • Co-PI: Nisreen Salti
  • Research Assistant: Marie-Anne Boujaoudé