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FHF: Food Heritage Foundation

Launched by ESDU, the Food Heritage Foundation (FHF) is a non-profit organization aiming to preserve Lebanon’s culinary knowledge and to r​evive and document its traditional food heritage. FHF seeks to empower the livelihoods of small-scale producers and farmers by promoting healthy home-cooked local cuisine and local products and by establishing permanent linkages between urban communities and rural producers through activities and programs that promote the local food heritage. 

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Akletna Community Kitchen

Akletna Community Kitchen is a network of kitchens operated by women from marginalized communities that provide healthy meals to their host communities in rural areas in the framework of traditional food promotion, humanitarian relief and for the purpose of food security. The central kitchen is based at Zico House in Beirut.

Under the umbrella of ESDU, the Akleh Community Kitchen was launched by the Food Heritage Foundation (FHF) and is supported by the Ardi Ardak National Food Security Initiative.

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Souk Aal Souk

“Souk Aal Souk” is a farmers’ market that aims to promote the traditional and healthy food of local farmers and small-scale producers from rural areas across Lebanon. It intends to build and strengthen linkages between urban residents and rural producers by offering city residents access to healthy traditional food, and direct contact with the producers.

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Food and Roots 

Food and Roots is an innovative and socially-engaged brand that refines traditional Lebanese food products from rural areas across Lebanon to fit modern life. Supported by ESDU and launched by the Food Heritage Foundation (FHF), the brand endeavors to empower and create market access for local small-scale producers by gathering, packaging and selling their products via several urban points of sale.

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Darb El Karam 

Darb El Karam is a food tourism network connecting nine villages in Higher Shouf and West Bekaa. It proposes thematic packages by harvest seasons where visitors can participate in picking and preservation activities and eat at the houses of food producers and in tables d’hôte  where they enjoy local culinary specialties.

The touristic packages aim to highlight the seasonality and locality of foods and crops and the traditional processing methods.

By putting visitors in contact with farmers, shepherds and food producers, keepers of rural food culture, Darb El Karam aims to raise awareness among tourists about the origin of an ingredient or a traditional dish and its cultural and emotional ties to the destination, while diversifying the income of the hosts through tourism.

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