• Keepers of the Land

    Keepers of the Land: Lecture Series

    The Role of Cooperatives towards Food Security"  given by Mrs. Gloria Abou Zeid


    Under the FAFS Lecture Series, ESDU is organizing Keepers of the Land Lecture series. Mrs. Gloria Abou ​Zeid, the Director General of Cooperatives at the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) presented on October 9, 2019,  a lecture entitled: “The Role of Cooperatives towards Food Security". Mrs. Abou Zeid focused on the role of cooperatives in reaching the four pillars of food security including; (1) Availability, (2) Accessibility, (3) Utilization and Safety, and (4) Stability and Sustainability. The lecture also tackled the challenges faced by the cooperative sector in Lebanon and the mitigation measures adopted to cope with them.​

    Honored Keepers of the Land from CLIMAT closing event on the ​1st of October 2019

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