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​​The Career Services Office (CSO) is here to support students with their academic and career paths by offering practical advice and guidance to ensure their success.

We offer students advice about the following career development areas:

• Exploring all career options
• Understanding the career development process
• Gaining knowledge about adapting to working life
• Identifying local, regional and international opportunities, acquiring internship / work experience, and developing skills to compete in the labor market
• Learning how to foster connections with the FAFS Alumni

We help students find ways to develop their skills, identify new skills, and strengthen existing skills in order to compete in the labor market.

Skills the Career Services Office can help student develop:
• Time management
• Teamwork
• Leadership
• Decision-making
• Interpersonal communication
• Professional behavior

We encourage students to come and see us at any point during the following steps of the process:
• Researching potential employers
• Perfecting a CV/cover letter
• Preparing for an interview 
• Following up interview outcomes

We help students recognize their specific needs, choices and opportunities in their chosen field of study in the following various modes of employment:

• Full-time/part-time off-campus student jobs
• Full-time/part-time graduate career jobs
• Internships
• Volunteer work
• Summer jobs

We advise students on how to find local, regional and international opportunities through the following variety of sources:
• Job sites
• Online searching
• Networking
• Recruitment agencies and specific online recruiters
Furthermore, we organize the following events throughout the year:
• Career fairs
• Field-specific conferences
• Soft skills workshops​

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