The Yarmouk Tributary of the Jordan River: Shining a Light for Conflict Transformation


​Supporting the livelihoods of nearly two million people, the Yarmouk is the most important tributary of the Jordan River. It is also the most over-used, under-studied and inequitably shared. The lecture summarized the results of an 18-month inter-disciplinary study combining satellite imagery analysis with archival research and interviews. Analysis of treaties and infrastructure provides insight that challenges long-held assumptions about the river, and may open up opportunities for transformation of conflict among the riverine countries.

About the speaker

Mark Zeitoun is Professor of Water Security at the School of International Development, University of East Anglia. His research focuses on international transboundary water conflicts, the impact of armed conflict on water services, and water security and management in development, post-conflict, and conflict contexts. This builds from his work as a humanitarian-aid water engineer, and advisor on water security policy and transboundary water negotiations throughout the Middle East and Africa.