American University of Beirut

Ghida Al Kharfan | '17

​​Landscape Architect, Dar Al-Handasah

Beirut, Lebanon​

Ghida reveals what drew her to practice professional design and planning, explains how the time she spent at LDEM played into her career today, and shares a piece of advice to current and prospective BLA students.

What drew you to work in the design and planning sector ?​​

As I became passionate about landscape architecture during my time at AUB, I decided to pursue a career that allows me to discover how design ideas and the knowledge I learned in the design studio apply in the real world. In addition to that, I had a belief that landscape architecture can play a major role in shaping the future of Lebanon by creating better outdoor spaces, enhancing the quality of life, and applying sustainable design strategies. All these reasons have pushed me to choose a job in the design field that will help me practice my design skills and create a better world for people's wellbeing.

How did your time at LDEM play into your career now?

I learned a lot of skills in the design studio during my 4 years at university which added a big value to my CV. I was confident I had all the needed skills for every job I applied to. During my first year at work, I found myself well prepared and ready to face all difficulties that could encounter me. I ran into many situations where creativity, communication and problem solving skills and time management were needed and I was able to overcome them. Furthermore, the design studio at LDEM helped me improve my soft skills that every landscape architect needs. This allows me to successfully demonstrate my technical knowledge in every project I come across in my career now. 

What piece of advice would you give your younger self or other BLA newcomers?

One of the most important things in a BLA design studio is the story behind the student's proposed design. Back when I was an undergrad, I used to take for granted the stage where a concept design should be created. Now if I go back in time, I would practice more creating the lines of my design from a story which helps the designer become more confident about his/her work. This is also one of the most important things that the client looks for.

In addition, I would advise every newcomer to always find time to learn and practice new soft skills because as designers, there are many design software which if we master, will add a lot of value to our career life. 

Do you feel that your current job sustains your daily life?​

With a $1,000-2,000 monthly salary range, I believe that the profession is intellectually and financially rewarding.​

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