American University of Beirut

Nour Bachacha | '18

Junior ​​Landscape Architect, Vladimir Djurovic

Beirut, Lebanon​

Nour talks about the importance of field trips and hands-on experience in the BLA program, shares her international experience in landscape architecture practice, and describes how crucial "passion" is in determining​ the role of a landscape architect in today's world.


What is most memorable about your time at LDEM?​

Other than the countless overnights, I would definitely say the various field trips that we had throughout the course of our LDEM years. These site visits and trips helped us tremendously in visualizing what we were learning passively during our classes. It enhanced our critical thinking regarding the different contextual parameters and shaped our spatial perception of any given landscape. The greenhouse on another hand was another major hands-on practice that built our awareness regarding the plants as critical livable features in any landscape design.

As a practicing landscape architect, what does a typical day at work look like?​

Working in an international firm with a wide scale range of projects led by senior architects with major years of experience helped me enormously on a professional level.  The amount of knowledge that we were given during our college years is incomparable to the experience that you can gain from the professional field. Hence, every day at the office is a new opportunity to ask, learn and acquire new skills and constructive knowledge about the practice.​

What piece of advice would you give your younger self or other BLA newcomers?​

“Passion” is one crucial element to grow in this field, you might at first end up hesitating about the choice of major, especially because of our society’s perception, however you will discover eventually that the landscape architecture domain is one of the most significant practices that aims for resilience and sustainability, two major concepts that our planet counts on to thrive in the future.

Do you feel that your current job sustains your daily life?

​​Gratefully yes, it is indeed a rewarding job with a decent salary compared to what other jobs outside the landscape field offer nowadays. And that what can boost even more growth and ambitions to build an expandable career. ​

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