American University of Beirut

Taline Mansour | '18

​​Managing Director, TALISMAN Architectural and Landscape Solutions​

Lagos, Nigeri​a

Taline shares her unconventional experience at LDEM and discusses how the BLA program equipped her well to open and manage her own landscape architectural business. Taline uncovers her daily role as a managing director of TALISMAN.


How would you describe your BLA experience at LDEM?

My experience as a Landscape Architecture student at LDEM was exceptional, everyday seemed different. I had the chance to learn something new on a daily basis whether from a course, a fieldtrip, a presentation, a feedback of a pinup, a peer’s work or to a simple discussion with a professor. LDEM department was home to our creativity and limitless imagination.

You established your own architectural and landscape solutions firm; how did the BLA program equip you to open and manage your business?

The BLA program focused mainly on solving problems, working on creative thinking of concepts, designing, strategizing, creating interesting visualizations to convey our ideas, understanding people and their environments, and focusing on sustainability and resilience. Following these points, we were able to create a new identity to the Nigerian Landscapes. Also, by pushing our limits, landscape professors motivated us to think outside the box. Knowing that there are no rules and boundaries to our ideas encouraged me to work beyond what was required. Finally, working under pressure with tight deadlines for four years was extremely stressful. However, one thing I have taken out from it is the ability to work on any project at any given time and place.

What are some of the things you do as a managing director of a landscape architecture practice firm?

EVERYTHING! From conducting meetings, designing, executing; you will most certainly find me on site digging in the soil during planting period, sourcing and selecting plants, training gardeners, inspecting site for maintenanc, etc. Basically I manage every detail of a project to be delivered. When we first started the company, I had a specific vision of how the Nigerian Landscapes can look like. To achieve that, I put all my skills and energy in establishing the company and making sure to be part of every detail.

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