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FLRM Project

​​​​Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism

The Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism is implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) aiming at implementing FLR initiatives in Lebanon with an integrated landscape approach taking into consideration the multiple land uses and the diverse interests of the local stakeholders.
The Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management at AUB collaborated to the Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism capitalizing on the results of the ENPI funded MEDSCAPES project to identify and conduct Landscape Assessment and related data and maps, Landscape Risk Assessment and Landscape Decision Support System (LDSS). In particular, the LCA level 1 (1:250000 scale) for all Lebanon was conducted revising and completing the work initiated under the MEDSCAPES; the level 2 (1: 50000 scale) LCA was portrayed in the Aley and Baabda districts. The LRA and LDSS were developed with the aim to be used as a tool for planning/conservation in Lebanon. The web-interface and the Landscape Decision support system advanced the purpose of the Risk Assessment by making information readily available to users and stakeholders, and by projecting future scenarios to help inform decisions that impact the landscape and its character. 

The Project Objectives:

- Develop and apply a best-practice methodology for identifying, mapping and assessing landscapes in pilot areas
- Promote the results as a tool for sustainable land use decision-making and landscape-scale protection with particular emphasis on Forested areas
- Provide a holistic understanding of the dynamics of a landscape in different areas of the country

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