Functions and Objectives


Expansion of landscape policies, in terms of protection and enhancement of the entire territory, beyond the constraints and safeguards traditionally applied to single landscape properties or goods. It implies the necessities of a shared definition of landscape and a conscious acceptance or refusal of the ELC designation.

The strengthening of landscape policies, in terms of knowledge and awareness of structural factors, public interests and values at stake, multi-sectorial strategies, and more efficient instruments and guidelines.

Effective participation of the stakeholders and local communities, based on their expectations and perceptions; recognition of the values and issues; design of intervention strategies, social control and the public regulation of processes.


The EMLO will be concerned with:

  • Landscape heritage protection
  • Landscape identification and assessment
  • Landscape know-how
  • Documentation of the East Med landscape
  • Innovation in methodology and transfer of good practice, with particular focus on planning and policy making
  • Developing catalogues as instruments for the introduction of landscape targets into the Eastern Mediterranean planning
  • Risk assessment modeling
  • Community participation practices
  • Sustainable management of biodiversity and the protection of cultural and biological habitats
  • ​Links with related Mediterranean and European initiatives ​​