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Landscape Quality Objectives

The European Landscape Convention defines the landscape quality objectives as "the formulation by the competent authorities of the aspirations of the public with regard to the landscape features of their surroundings. It means that to be able to express the quality of a defined landscape it is necessary to determine its shared values. Thus the quality objectives are the consequences of the evaluation and assessment of the character of the landscape (LCA) and the starting point for the preparation of landscape directives which have to lead the planning system.​

The MEDSCAPES project, through the implementation of the LCA methodology, the landscape Risk Assessment and Decision Support System, initiated the process in recognition of the importance of landscape planning for the conservation, management, and development at all levels of the landscape features in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Now it's the time for the different countries in the area to recognize the value of the tools that were put in place and tested during the two year of the ENPI project and to use and adopt them in their planning rules and system.

The MEDSCAPES partners, after disseminating the results of the project in their country, initiated the long and not easy procedure for the promotion of the landscape values as well as for the definition of policies related to the shared values in reference to landscape. The absence of a clear and shared landscape definition in the majority of the countries bordering the Mediterranean bassin along with the lack of an Arabic word for the noun "landscape" are slowing down the above mentioned process.

The East Med Landscape Observatory aims to disseminate the importance of the landscape planning for the future of the region and to become a reference body for all the stakeholders interested and involved in the landscape issue.​

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