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Department of Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management
MS in Environmental Sciences (Ecosystem Management - ECOM) ; Part of Interfaculty Graduate Environmental Sciences Program (IGESP)
​​​Students following a thesis program are required to take a minimum of 24 graduate level course credits plus a thesis (equivalent to 6 credits) in the case of Ecosystem Management (total of 30 credits)

Ecosystem Management Courses

LDEM 301       Urban Greening         3 cr.

This course focuses on the literal green aspect of urban greening that is plants and how they contribute to improve urban living. Topics covered in the course include urban agriculture, green roofs, walls, facades and corridors, parks and open spaces, urban forestry, and horticulture therapy.

LDEM 302      Green Infrastructure for Resilient Landscapes and Cities          3 cr.

The course will introduce students to the concepts, theories, and applications of design, planning, and policy of green infrastructure with a focus on the delivery of ecosystem benefits. A particular focus is the relationship between green infrastructure and climate change adaptation of landscapes and cities. A case study approach is utilized to study green infrastructure across multiple scales, disciplines and applications in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region.

*ENSC 630/ LDEM 630           Natural Resources Management     3 cr.    

Ecosystem approach to Natural Resources Management (NRM). Data sources and interpretation for NRM. Physical, socio-economic, cultural, political, and geographic specificity of NRM. Principles and processes of NRM.  Case studies and practical examples in contrasting situations. 

ENSC 631/ LDEM 631     Agricultural Pollution and Control 3 cr.

The fate of agrochemicals in the environment.  Effect on terrestrial and aquatic systems.  Contamination, monitoring residues, methodologies, and risk assessment models and research.

ENSC 633 / LDEM 633/ URDS 664     Ecological Landscape Design and Planning    3 cr.

Introduction to the theory and methodology of ecological landscape design and planning, aims to introduce the holistic approach of landscape ecology and its application in sustainable management of natural and cultural landscape sterosystems. Alternate years.

LDEM 634/ ENSC 634 Sustainable Landscape Planning and Management          3 cr.    

Introduction to the theory and methodology of sustainable landscape planning, which aims at introducing a holistic approach of sustainable planning on the national level of management, including the legal framework, relevant sector policies, and prevailing practices.

LDEM 635/ ENSC 635/ PSPA 346A Political Ecology of Water    3 cr.    

This course provides an approach to understand water issues bringing together political economy and hydro-geography. The course objective is to introduce students to the modes of use and management of water resources, analyzing the causes of water injustice, revealing power relations and environmental hidden costs. The course is planned to emphasize on the situation of water politics in the Arab region.

ENSC 654        Physical and Biological Resources in Terrestrial Ecosystems        3 cr.

Physical and biological resources in ecosystems, soils in the ecosystem, soil conservation, water in the ecosystem, water conservation, principles of soil and water chemistry and microbiology, plant and animal biodiversity, collection and conservation of wild plants, preservation of endangered species, plant response to environmental stress.

LDEM 300                   1-3 cr.

Directed Study in Ecosystem Management.

ENSC 395        Comprehensive Exam            0 cr.

ENSC 699        MS Thesis       6 cr.

 N.B: For other courses offered by FEA, FHS, or FAS, please visit the IGESP webpage.

*Major course

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