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"Applications Toward the Sustainable Development Goals": session at the ASABE International Meeting

FAFS took part of the ASABE International Meeting that took place July 31. Dean Mohtar was the session moderator of “Applications Toward the Sustainable Development Goals” where Dr. Jim Jones, Program Director, National Science Foundation; Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Engineering, at the Engineering Directorate and responsible for the INFEWS program (Innovations in food, energy, water systems) was keynote speaker.

Dr. Jones sha​red his experiences in the SDG as a system of systems and offered thoughts related to his current portfolio at the National Science Foundation (NSF). 

Papers presented and discussed included:

  • Application and Characterization of alkaline-based hydrothermally produced Bio-adsorbent from Switchgrass to upgrade Biogas, Pragyan Garnaik, University of Guelph;
  • Determining planting date effects on seasonal water use of full and short season maize using SWAT in the southern Ogallala Aquifer region, Gary Marek, USDA-ARS, Yong Chen, Thomas Marek, Kevin Heflin, Jed Moorhead, David Brauer, Prasanna Gowda;
  • National and Global Censuses or Satellite-based Estimates? Dissonance in Asia’s Irrigated Areas, Ali Ajaz, Oklahoma State University; Assessing Clorophyll A and maximum temperature in a crop and forestry integrated system; Laurimar Vendrusculo, Embrapa, Cornelio Alberto Zolin;
  • Quantifying and Correcting for Clay Content Effects on Soil Water Measurement by Reflectometers;  Jasreman Singh, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Tsz Him Lo, Daran Rudnick, Suat Irmak, Humberto Blanco; 
  • The reinforcing effect of eggshell on the fatigue, ozone and aging resistance of guayule natural rubber composites compared with precipitated silica and carbon black, Xianjie ren, Ohio State.

During the general Q&A session following the presentations, it was discussed that ASABE has significant cross cutting expertise in several areas of SDGs and was recommended to propose a plenary session on the SDGs to engage wider ASABE membership at the next (2019) annual meeting.

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