Nuhad Daghir, FAFS Dean Emeritus, contributes to "Universities in Arab Countries: an urgent need for change"

​FAFS Dean Emeritus Nuhad Daghir contributed a chapter on Higher Agricultural Education in the Arab World: past, present and future. The chapter is part of a book published by Springer titled Universities in Arab Countries: an urgent need for change.

The book has 17 chapters and includes several AUB authors, among them: President Emeritus John Waterbury, Professors Elias Baydoun (Biology), Kamal Badr (Medicine) and Sari Hanafi (Sociology). In his chapter, Dean Daghir offers an historical review of colleges of Agriculture in the region, beginning with AUB, which offered courses in agriculture since 1912, and followed by Khadouri College in Tulkarm (1930) and Cairo University (1936). The chapter includes a number of today’s colleges of agriculture, their characteristics, programs and curricula, man-power needs, and on-going agricultural research; and offers recommendations for future development.​​