Crop Production & Protection students’ field visit to pioneering firms & farms

Dr. Yusuf Abou Jawdah and Miss Hana Sobh organized a field trip to three commercial production firms/farms in the South of Lebanon for students attending the course AGSC 203 - Crop Production and Protection on March 27.

Their first visit was to the Unifert Company where students had a briefing on fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and agricultural machinery marketed by Unifert. The manager explained to the Agribusiness students how the business is run from a technico-commercial aspect.

At Nahhoul farms, the students visited one of the largest citrus and avocado production farms where avocado plants are intercropped with banana for 3-4 years and watermelon during the first year to maximize profits and make efficient us of the land.

At Fadel Trading Center, they visited a newly established pioneering netted banana farm of over 100 dunams equipped with a modern irrigation system and intercropped with low tunnel watermelon for early production a​nd for maximizin​g profit during the first year. Then, the students visited the banana packaging facility, where bananas are received, cleaned, disinfected, sorted and packaged for shipment to local or regional markets. 

Click here to check the visits’ video.