Cultural Landscapes multi-disciplinary student workshop in the Czech Republic

Dr. Yaser Abunnasr and Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management (LDEM) seniors participated in a five day multi-disciplinary joint AUB-CULS workshop in Slavonice (south of Prague), Czech Republic, May 21-26.

Organized by professors Peter Kumble, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences (CULS), and Henry Hanson, Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University, the joint CULS-AUB workshop offered a multi-cultural, collaborative learning experience.

​​Participants studied a broad range of landscape planning and natural resource conservation themes and conducted hands on research. The mix of disciplines included graduates and Landscape Architecture undergraduates. Students were divided into seven groups, mixed by gender, specialty, and study level; the groups conducted data analysis, field visits, hikes, cycling, stakeholder interviews and delivered final presentations. The workshop was an excellent opportunity for LDEM students to test their knowledge, develop new contacts, and work in unfamiliar contexts.​