Developments and future prospects of the Water-Energy-Food nexus by Dean Rabi Mohtar

Dean Rabi Mohtar delivered a web presentation (September 12) at the “International Symposium on Water-Energy-Food Nexus for Expansion & Application to Various Fields including Agricultural Policies” in Korea during the “Application on various disciplines” session.

The symposium was in celebration of the launch of SNAK (Smart Nexus for Agriculture in Korea). The project addresses the agricultural-water-energy-food Nexus in consideration of climate change, and was hosted by Korea’s Rural Development Administration (RDA).

The RDA and five additional institutions are involved in this project: Seoul National University, Chonnam National University, Korea Rural Economic Institutes (KREI), Rural Research Institute (RRE, KRC) and ISTEC (a private firm).

SNAK is expected to deliver the nexus tool development for understanding relationships, trade-offs and sustainability analysis under the regime of climate change and between the primary resources of water, energy, and food.​