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SuNaR Role in Early Warning System for Natural Disasters in Lebanon by Dr. Chadi Abdallah

Dr. Chadi Abdallah, Associate Researcher at the Remote Sensing Center - Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS-L), visited FAFS (October 8) to speak about the SuNaR role in early warning system for natural disasters in Lebanon.​

Dr. Abdallah highlighted the functionality and structure of Early Warning Systems (EWSs) and explored possibilities of building cooperation with different research institutes working on disaster risk reduction. CNRS-L established (October 2014) a sustainable natural resource management platform (SuNaR) and early warning system in response to the Disaster Risk Response Framework Plan developed in Lebanon and the Disaster Risk Reduction Unit under the Prime Minister’s Office.

The lecture shed light on CNRS’s SuNaR platform, consisting of an expertise center, a production center, and an active stakeholder structure. It is equipped with skilled experts, hardware, software, internet-based satellite receiving station, and associated infrastructure for producing and storing geo-information to assist emergency operations, implement proper prevention and preparedness actions, and serve stakeholders and decision makers in disaster risk management. SuNaR is currently focused on hydro-meteorology and wild fire risk forecast (i.e.  floods, drought, snow monitoring, forest fires, landslides). Plans include future expansion to address other natural hazards.

SuNaR emerged from a general reactive approach that focused on strengthening disaster response mechanisms into proactive approaches. The platform works to establish effective communication networks, develop effective decision-making processes that incorporate local contexts by defining accountability and responsibility; acknowledge the importance of risk perception and trust for effective reactions; and consider the differences among technocratic and participatory approaches in EWSs when applied in diverse contexts.​

​About the Speaker:

Dr. Chadi Abdallah is a Research Associate and Geologist with a PhD in GIS and RS of natural resources (Paris VI University-France), a Post-doc in Radar Interferometry (University of Missouri-USA), a Maître de Conférences certificate (Ministry of Higher Education and Research-France) and a Professor Degree (Lebanese University, 2016). Researcher at the Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS-L), Remote Sensing Center since 1998, Dr. Abdallah is principal investigator on several projects related to water information management, modeling and decision-making, natural disasters, assessment, monitoring and management of natural resources and sustainable development. Abdullah is responsible for the CNRS-L Early Warning System platform. He has fourteen years of teaching experience in hydrology, geology GIS and remote sensing. Dr. Abdullah chairs the Arab Science and Technology Advisory Group for disaster risk reduction, is Editorial Manager of the Lebanese Science Journal, and an adjunct researcher at the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA. He has authored and co-authored over 70 scientific papers in peer-reviewed international journals, and conference proceedings and is a member of several national and international associations (GSA, GEER, AGU, IFAAL, BAU-Research Center Steering Committee).​

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