Agriculture professor, Dr. Yusuf Abou Jawdah, discusses agricultural pesticides suspected to be carcinogenic

​Dr. Yusuf Abou Jawdah, professor from the Department of Agriculture, was nominated a​s chair of the joint scientific committee between the Ministries of Agriculture and Health with the mission to reevaluate the registration of some agricultural pesticides suspected to be carcinogenic.

In an interview on NewTV, Dr. Abou Jawdah clarified that, concerning these pesticides, the Ministry of Agriculture is highly committed to the​ safety of people and the environment and is following the strictest regulations as adopted in Europe: it will register only those pesticides approved and used in both the USA and the European Union.

The pesticide label includes all directions needed for the safe use of pesticides. For the safety of farmers, their families and the consumers, farmers are requested to abide by the directions of use.

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