Dr. Abunnasr at the Sustainable Adaptive Gradients in the Coastal Environment (SAGE) Expert Scoring Workshop

Landscape planning expert Dr. Yaser Abunnasr participated in the Expert Scoring Workshop, Hurst Creek Maryland, USA. The meeting was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and organized by the Sustainable Adaptive Gradients in the Coastal Environment (SAGE) research group, in collaboration with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MD DNR) (June 3-5).

The objective of the workshop was to apply the SAGE Gradients framework and test the scoring rubric of the gradients on a coastal community in Maryland, USA, already impacted by sea level rise. The framework includes eight gradients that address exposure reduction, cost efficiency, institutional capacity, ecological enhancement, adaptation over time, green house reduction, participatory processes, and social benefits. Over the three-day period, the team met with project stakeholders, reviewed documents, conducted site assessment visits. They then scored the gradients in collaborative expert meetings and discussions. The resulting 76 page document summarizing the process and recommendations was presented to the Hurst Creek community and the MD DNR.​​