Dr. Giuliano Martiniello attends Policy Forum on Charcoal-led deforestation

Dr. Giuliano Martiniello, assistant professor in the Rural Community Development (RCODE) program, attended the “Policy Forum on Charcoal” at the Gulu District Council, Northern Region of Uganda on July 18.​

The Forum was organized in collaboration with local and national Ugandan authorities and with the objective of helping local authorities draft a policy for sustainable charcoal extraction that preserves the environment without damaging livelihoods.

Dr. Martiniello and in collaboration with Dr. Adam Branch, University of Cambridge, contributed to the research as an Advisory Board member of the project “Narratives of Conflict, Climate, and Development: Re-envisioning Sustainability from Post-War Northern Uganda”. Dr. Branch presented the subject matter to the audience comprised of representatives of local and national institutions and members of the communities affected by charcoal-led deforestation.​​​

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