Dr. Rami Zurayk participates in the Foresight for Food meeting in Montpellier

​The Foresight for Food meeting brought together 70 scientists and researchers from leading research centers, research funding agencies, international organizations and universities on May 22-24, 2018. 

Dr. Zurayk was the only representative from the MENA region. His presentation focused on critical and emerging issues in food security and nutrition. Dr. Zurayk was also the invited chair of a session on the future governance of the Foresight program: a collaborative global initiative to enhance foresight and scenario analysis capability for global food systems; promote better analysis and synthesis of key trends and possible futures in global food systems; and support more informed, strategic and systemic dialogue between the private sector, government, science and civil society.

Foresight for Food is specifically focused on processes of understanding and adapting to longer term possible futures from a systems perspective. It aims to contribute to decision making related to food system transformations, informed by a deep understanding of the scenarios and systemic interactions that may arise from longer-term drivers, trends and uncertainties, based on good science, strong linkages between science and policy, well informed stakeholder dialogue and public awareness. Foresight for Food is intended to support food system transformation by brokering optimal use of food system foresight processes, methodology, and information for public and policy dialogue. It will strengthen interdisciplinary scientific collaboration and capacity for food systems. Foresight is anchored in the concept that  food systems can impact the SDGs. Foresight emerged from the Oxford University Environmental Change Institute and is co-chaired by the Montpellier University for Excellence (MUSE).​