Social and Economic Empowerment to Women at Nahr El-Bared Camp by the Food Heritage Foundation (FHF), supported by ESDU

​The Food Heritage Foundation (FHF), supported by ESDU, in collaboration with Mercy USA, is providing interactive workshops for Palestinian ladies of the Women Program Association (WPA) in Nahr El-Barid Camp. The workshop sessions cover topics related to food service and provide practical information on the food service chain, including purchasing raw ingredients through product marketing and topics such as food safety and hygiene practices, food purchasing, kitchen management, packaging and labeling etc.

A situational assessment of WPA kitchen was performed by the FHF team prior to the training sessions and the kitchen was brought into compliance with food safety standards and tailored to the needs of the training workshops. The project began in February 2018, and will support these women through improved access to the local market to help ameliorate their weakened socio-economic status. The women are encouraged to build their own businesses in fields such as the preparation of mouneh, pastries, or sweets.

Participants enjoy the sessions and are very enthusiastic about learning the new information and techniques that will help them start their small businesses.​

You can check the FHF original article here.