FAFS - ACTED Conference on hybrid electric vehicles (HEV)

​FAFS, in partnership with Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) and the Lebanese Hybrid Automotive Club, held an event promoting environmentally sustainable transportation in Lebanon (October 20). The event supported grassroots organizations by providing a better understanding of the impacts of the transportation sector on the environment, and policy constraints and legal frameworks that can help improve environmental sustainability in the transportation sector.

The event at the AUB Charles Hostler Auditorium included international and national organizations, members of the private sector, and representatives of government and municipality who are involved in sustainable transportation. Dr. Ali Chalak, associate professor of Applied Economics (FAFS), presented his recent research about the readiness of Lebanese motorists to switch to hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), including data monetizing the net financial and social, health and environmental benefits to be gained from the transition.

The event was part of the TA’CIR project, whose goal is to strengthen the role and contribution of Lebanese civil society in addressing local development needs. ​