American Univesity of Beirut

Fit-a-Thon 2018

Fourth year FAFS nutrition students collaborated with the Health and Wellness Center at the American University of Beirut’s Medical Center (AUBMC) to bring a Hawaiian twist to the annual Fit-a-Thon.  This year’s event, led by Dr. Lamis Jomaa, took place on October 5, at West Hall and drew over 100 students, faculty, and staff from the AUB community.

Circulating among three “booth islands”, participants in the 2018 Fit-a-Thon engaged in a range of fun and educational activities to raise awareness about key nutrition and physical activity concepts that promote healthy lifestyle and dietary practices. Participants visiting the “Assessment Island” completed a physical assessment (height, weight, and percent body fat). The assessment results were explained and, based on their BMI range, participants received color-coded handouts with dietary tips. Participants also enjoyed self-assessing their knowledge by playing the “Health Jeopardy” game.

The “Aloha Snacks” booth included activities offering tips on mindful, healthy snacking to improve dietary choices. Handy, useful guides for portion sizes and healthy snack options were distributed together with a delicious healthy snack and its quick and easy recipe.

The “Fit Island” was very active. After busting physical activity myths and benefits, participants could engage in physical activities of different types, including a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) challenge, useful yoga and stretching moves, and a “Hula Hoop” challenge. The “Fit-a-Thon” also included an exciting “Scavenger Hunt” with posts all over the AUB campus; the hunt included questions and games that ultimately lead everyone back to West Hall for the final event in which 48 lucky participants won a variety of prizes including restaurant vouchers, gym passes, consultation sessions and more.

The students’ combined and creative efforts to increase the AUB community’s awareness of the benefits of healthy eating and active living, along with the continuous success and positive feedback of the annual “Fit-a-Thon” event, continue to make it possible to continue to host the event.​

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