John Deere Exhibition at AREC

AREC proved, once again, its important role as the link between the large agricultural companies and the farmers. October 16-17, AREC hosted the M.Ezzat Jallad & Fils S.A.L. exhibition of John Deere tractors. This was the first time that the exhibition took place in the Bekaa plain. Jallad invited 50 se​nior and small farmers to view the exhibit and hear directly from their engineers and marketing staff about 8 tractors, made to respond to the current, fast life requirements.

The tractors comprise three ‘families’: specialty tractors (45/76HP), utility tractors (45/55HP), and the 6M family size (100/200HP). Field demonstrations, made by AREC staff, included implementations and attachments. 

The AREC administration facilitated the event, provided expert ​assistance and all that was needed for a successful exhibition, including morning coffee break and an outdoor lunch.