FAFS participates in Lebanon's 1st Physical Activity Report Card for Children and Youth

November 27, 2018 marked the official launch of Lebanon’s first physical activity report card​ for children and youth. During the past year, FAFS professors Elie-Jacques Fares, Marie Claire Chamieh, Carla Habib-Mourad, and Cécile Borgi have contributed to the Lebanese Active Healthy Kids Initiative. Their work, part of the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance, is the most comprehensive comparison of child and youth physical activity across the globe and represents a synthesis of the best available evidence of physical activity indicators for Lebanese children and youth.

The FAFS contributors expect to release their report, possibly together with an awareness campaign, in the spring semester (2019). The Global Matrix 3.0 compared 49 countries from six continents, assessing global trends in childhood physical activity in developed and developing nations. The full global comparison of all 49 nations  was presented at the opening plenary of the Movement to Move event, held in Adelaide, Australia and published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health.​