AUB & FAFS students & professor receive the LIRA Award

​The Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements (LIRA) 14 Forum took place on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at the Le Royal Hotel,​ Dbayeh. LIRA aims to build effective cooperation between the industrial and academic sectors in Lebanon. It addresses the research and development needs of the Lebanese industries, in order to academically empower the industrial sector with innovations leading to the promotion of competitiveness and productivity. 

FAFS students Roya Mourad and Fatima Yahfoufi, and MSFEA student Haytham Dbouk, all supervised by FAFS Professor Mohamad T. Farran, won a funding award from the Lebanese Central Bank, for their project Solar Heated Poultry Houses during the LIRA Fund Award ceremony. The students will use this award to implement their project.

Solar heated poultry house is an innovative heating plan for the poultry where solar water heaters are used as an alternative green energy source, considering that the solar system can provide the required temperature. This plan uses solar water heaters and equips them with an innovative product (PRO - Shield) which is mounted on any solar water heater to solve the worldwide problem of overheating it faces. This innovative project w​ill firstly be tested at the AUB research center in the Beqaa region, and then hopefully implemented at a larger scale with Tanmia Co., one of the leading commercial poultry companies in Lebanon.