ESDU project on urban agriculture in Beirut suburbs produces a master’s thesis in Cologne University

Ms. Verena Süß, Cologne University, Germany, developed her master’s thesis from work on the ESDU project Building the Food Security and Economic Resilience of Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable Members of their Host Communities in Beirut/Lebanon (implemented September 2015 – December 2016, funded by Near East Foundation (NEF).

The project focused on increasing the food security and economic resilience of Syrian refugees and vulnerable members of their host communities by providing gardening kits, seeds, compost units, and technical training to grow fresh fruits and vegetables on rooftops and balconies. In August 2018, Ms. Süß submitted her thesis, Role of Urban Agriculture to Increase Food Security and Economic Resilience of Refugees and Vulnerable Host Communities: The case of Syrian refugees in Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon. The thesis is available from the AUB library or online.​