Dr. Mirella Aoun, speaker at the 10th meeting: Mediterranean Organic Agriculture Network

Dr. Mirella Aoun, invited speaker at the opening ceremony of the 10th meeting of the Mediterranean Organic Agriculture Network meeting, presented her research in organic agriculture and discussed AUB’s contribution to the rise of the organic sector in Lebanon.

At the meeting, held for the first time in Beirut (Nov 6-8), Dr. Aoun also participated in the panel discussion on organic agriculture. The meeting purpose was to discuss the new EU regulations for the organic sector and their implications for Mediterranean countries. The international event was attended by Minister of Agriculture Ghazi Zaiter, Minister of Economy and Trade Raed Khoury, and Minister of Tourism Avedis Guidanian. Delegates were from 23 Mediterranean countries and included stakeholders in the organic sector.

The opening ceremony included a talk from Minister Zaiter, who presented the Ministry’s vision for the organic sector in Lebanon. Other speakers included representatives from CIHEAM BARI, IFOAM, LARI, the Ministry of Agriculture, CCPB Lebanon​, as well as testimonies from local organic producers. After the meeting, participants had the opportunity to view an exhibition of local organic products from Lebanon.

Along with Dr. Aoun, other important contributors to the organic sector from AUB were present: Dr. Shady Hamadeh, FAFS, Ms. Rania Touma, FAFS, and Ms. Roula Fares, manager of AUB’s previous certification agency LibanCert.