Nomination for the FAFS Distinguished Alumni Award

The FAFS Distinguished Alumni Award, established in 2002 on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the FAFS, is the highest honor given to an alumnus by the FAFS Agriculture Chapter of the Alumni Association and in cooperation with the Faculty. Nationally and/or internationally recognized alumni who have made significant contributions to their profession or life’s work and have distinguished themselves in academia, public or private sectors, or international organizations are eligible for the award. Candidates should be nominated by a FAFS graduate and the nomination should be​ sent by a formal letter / email along with the CV of the candidate and three letters of support by people familiar with his/her work to the President of the Chapter on​. All FAFS alumni will receive letters of solicitation; nominations must be received by July 31​, 2018, to be considered. Recipients will be honored in a ceremony on October 4, 2018.