Inauguration of Municipal Garden of Bickfaya-Mhaidtha, designed by Nayla Al-Akl

​​​​​The Municipal Garden of Bickfaya-Mhaidtha, designed and coordinated by Nayla Al-Akl (Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture and Ecosystem Management), is expected to enhance and promote public spaces and everyday community landscapes as a result of increased exchange between academics in landscape architecture and local stakeholders.​

The project highlights the cultural and natural heritage of the site by preserving its local character. The design advances inclusion, enhances accessibility, and provides spaces for all ages. The new landscape redefines the relationship between the public spaces of the library and playground. An expansive view toward the broader landscape offers space for group interactions and for moments that are more intimate. The design relies on a palette of restrained, local materials and native plants: a strategy that increases awareness of the natural heritage and historic trees minimizing maintenance and the demand for water and other human or natural resources.​​