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FAFS in the press - The Raji & Fawzieh Sinno Promising Leader in Agriculture Award at FAFS

​The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) announced the launching of the "Raji and Fawzieh Sinno Promising Leader in Agriculture Award high school competition" for year 2018, under the theme: "Agriculture in Lebanon: Challenges and Solutions". 

The award was established in 2017 for the purpose of shedding light on the Lebanese agricultural sector, the challenges it faces, and opportunities that could be available. It is granted to three projects, which present innovative and practical solutions to the challenges that the agricultural sector in Lebanon is facing.

Professor and Associate Dean of the faculty Dr. Ammar Olabi, who is also a member of the award committee and its spokesperson, commented on the competition saying that it is "long overdue, and will be an eye opener to high school students about the value of agriculture to the economy and livelihoods of many people in Lebanon." He continued, "It is a perfect way for promoting the agriculture field and reconnecting high school students to the land." "This high school competition will pave the way to talented high school students who are motivated to study agriculture through increasing their awareness and exposure to the agriculture field", he added.

The competition is open to grade 12 students from all Lebanese schools. Participants are expected to submit projects that highlight the value of the agricultural sector, identify a problem the sector is currently facing in Lebanon, and propose an environmentally friendly solution that aims to help small farmers with limited resources. During the first phase of the competition, participants submit 500-word abstracts about their projects, from which ten finalists are selected to develop their projects further and compete in the second and final phase.

The finalists will exhibit their projects in a poster presentation at an event at FAFS by mid-2018, where the winners will be selected by a jury. Criteria for selecting the winners include the originality of the idea and the approach presented, the potential impact and efficiency of the agricultural solution proposed, the feasibility of implementing the initiative, and its accessibility to small farmers in Lebanon, among others.

The prize for the best project submitted will be US Dollars 6,000. A 4,000 US Dollars prize will be offered for the second best project and a 2,000 US Dollars prize for the third. 

The above English press release was dispatched in the National News Agency (NNA).
The Arabic press release was featured in the National News Agency (NNA), Lebanon Files, Alkalima Online, Alliwa’a, Al ​Akhbar.​

​Find more information about the Raji & Fawzieh Sinno Promosing Leader in Agriculture Award here

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