Texas A&M University graduates research collaborations with FAFS

​In September 2018, FAFS welcomed three recent graduates of Texas A&M University as interns: Rebecca Doncov, Lauren Holtmeier and Lindsey Aldaco-Man​ner.

Rebecca Doncov and Lauren Holtmeier completed degrees at the Bush School of Government and Public Service in 2018. Rebecca visited Beirut for research on refugees in March before returning as a research intern at AUB, FAFS to work with Dr. Hadi Jaafar (AUB, FAFS) on issues of water security and the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Lebanon’s current water issues. Lauren holds a master's in International Affairs, works part time for a Beirut-based NGO, Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action (CRTDA), and does research under the supervision of Dr. Jaafar on aspects of food security for Syrian refugees. CRTDA operates a number of programs in Lebanon and throughout the region to promote gender equality.

Lindsey Aldaco-Manner completed an MSc in Water Management and Hydrological Science, where Dean Mohtar chaired her committee. Lindsey was a member of the WEF Nexus Initiative research team at Texas A&M, where her research focused on water governance factors impacting the increase of water reuse in the San Antonio region. Lindsey will expand her water governance research at AUB as a research assistant.  As president of the World Youth Parliament​ for Water, she is working to establish a chapter of the parliament here in Lebanon.​