Viticulture trip to Taanayel and Chateau Ksara

On Saturday September 29, Dr. Mirella Aoun’s AGSC 286 (The Fruitful Branches: Grapevine & Olive​) students, along with Ms. Rachel Bahn’s AGBU 236 (New Trends in Agricultural and Food Systems) students, visited the Bekaa valley under the theme of viticulture, a branch of horticulture dealing with the science of grape growing.

The trip, led by Dr. Aoun, began with a visit to Taanayel farm vineyards, one of the largest areas cultivated with wine-grapes in the Bekaa valley​, managed by arcenciel. The second stop was at Chateau Ksara, the largest and oldest winery in Lebanon. Students went on a professional tour with key people in the field who introduced them to core issues in viticulture, explained how things are done in the field and in the winery, and answered their questions.

The trip provided students with privileged access to restricted places, which enabled them to observe important steps in the growth, management, and processing of wine-grapes. They also learned about the type of farming contracts that prestigious wineries in Lebanon sign with prominent producers such as Taanayel farm.